What is Consent?

Consent = Permission.

Consent is when each person agrees to flirting, touching kissing or any other sexual activity that people feel good about. People understand what they are agreeing to and have talked about and are protected from unwanted pregnancy and/or sexually transmitted infections.

How do you know if you have Consent?

You know you have permission when you hear “Yes!” from a person who looks comfortable, happy and is sober.

What situations might be hard to read?

If a person hears “sure”, “maybe”, “I guess” or when drugs or alcohol are involved. In these types of situations a person needs to check in with the other person by asking a few follow up questions. As a good neighbor you should be asking these questions to be sure you have a clear yes. Some questions a person can ask are:

  • Are you comfortable with this?
  • Are you sure you want to do this?
  • Do you want me to keep going?
  • Are you enjoying this?
  • Are you okay with this?
  • Have you been drinking or using drugs?

*Remember if someone has been drinking or doing drugs they are not able to give permission

What does not = Consent?

A person’s clothing does not give others permission to yell at them or touch their body. A person can not get consent from someone if they are drunk or high on drugs. A person can not get consent using pressure or guilt to get a yes. Blackmail and manipulation also do not achieve consent. Someone who is passed out or sleeping can not give permission.