Here’s to a #SafeStampede 2019!

Global Calgary - july 8 2018

What is #SafeStampede?

The Calgary Stampede has been celebrated for over 100 years in our community. As Calgarians, many of us identify with the Calgary Stampede and its celebration of our pioneer heritage and spirit. Its reputation has grown around the world to represent our city.

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We want everyone to feel welcome to participate safely in the celebration – from the Stampede grounds, BBQs, headliner concerts and lively dance halls across the city.

The #SafeStampede campaign began on social media as way to share personal stories of sexual harassment and raise awareness. It has grown to also include a celebration of positive and respectful behaviour during the Stampede.

  • Please join the conversation on social media with the hashtag #SafeStampede.
  • Check your own behaviour and speak up if you see harassment.
  • And if you experience sexual assault or harassment, please report it to the police and reach out to the many resources in our city that are here to listen and help.

We look forward to enjoying a 2019 Calgary Stampede that is safe and fun for everyone.